Homestay here we come!

Savannah Palmer (homestay has bad Wi-Fi, no pictures til we’re back in Ubud)

Today was the last day in Ubud until we come back for our performance on Monday. Some of us went on our morning walks, while others prepared for departure. We had our usual pisang (banana) pancakes, fruits, and tea/coffee. Wayan prepared gift bags for us to take to our families, which was much appreciated by both us and our host families. We departed with our big backpacks and excitement at 9:00.

We spent an hour and a half in the van on the way to the village. We all were looking outside our windows, enjoying all the views. There were interesting conversations about environment conservation, traveling, and human rights. The group was dropped off, an we walked an hour to the village. There were miles and miles of rice patties. The terrain was a little rocky, but beautiful nonetheless.

Upon arrival, we were given fresh coconuts to drink out of. Our teacher Ari gave us an introduction to the village, and told the itinerary for the weekend. We walked to her mothers house and had one of the best meals yet. We ate an assortment of different foods like rice, chicken, green beans, fried corn patties, and watermelon. We drew names from a bowl to be matched with our host families. I was matched with Grandma Indah. Everyone went their separate ways.

I walked around the village and studied some Indonesian before I met with the group at 3:00 pm. We were all dressed in our sarongs, and we attended a wedding! The bride was absolutely beautiful and the traditions were completely different than in the USA. We had some food at the wedding, watched the ceremony, and left.

At 6:00 we ate dinner at our homestays. I had fried rice, a fried egg, and shrimp chips. At 7:00 we met at Ari’s house. We went to a dance that was being held in the village. We danced the Cupid Shuffle, and we each got to dance with Balinese dancers. It was really fun. The dance ended around 9:00, and we all went home. Goodnight Bali, goodnight families back home!

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