Coconut carving and Jungle adventures

By: Victoria Alarcon

Today we woke up with a bit of a new rhythm here in the village at Munduk Pakel. I woke up at 5:45 to catch the morning sunrise at a beautiful view that Ibu Ari our teacher showed us. We were lucky to see Mt. Agung, Batur and Mt.Bratan from the distance. I thought to myself that if I lived here I would wake up to see it every day. 

After the wonderful view we all ate breakfast at our homes. I ate mie goreng, which is fried rice with an egg on top. And I also had slices of watermelon, cucumber and a delicious tea. Soon after, the group gathered at the classroom to talk about balines medicine healers meaning the right hand is good spirits and left hand is black evil magic. Having this class helped us learn about what the nature here in Bali is used for. Ibu Ari then took us to the jungle to pick plants for medicine, offerings, and food. We then ate the food that we picked and it was delicious (Sambas Matah).

Once we were done some of our friends showed us where the river was so we could bathe. I wasn’t to sure if I wanted to do it but I definitely considered it. After eating and checking out the river we ate again for lunch. Then we gathered together to carve our own coconuts, given to us from our families. It was hard work that took me a while to finish. Then we walked down hill and played volleyball with our new friends including our friend Nate that visited our teacher and joined us. Getting to know new people makes me feel happy about how close humans can be.

We then ate at our homes and meet at the community center here in the village to play gamelan. It was a great way to end the night and I am beyond excited to see what tomorrow has to bring.

Ps: sorry we haven’t been posting. It will get back to the regular schedule tomorrow(:

Sambal Matah

One Comment on “Coconut carving and Jungle adventures

  1. Disfruten las oportunidades que les da la vida . Y aprender de cada experiencia. Los amo 💙💕

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