Goodbyes Are Always Sad

By: Gabriel Alarcon Macias


Some of us began our day with an early alarm clock to see the beautiful sunrise. After awhile of sitting and talking with one another, we each separated to eat breakfast at our home stays and enjoy our last few hours with the people that gave us a home.

We all gathered at the classroom area and discussed a few stories and moments that were impactful during our time with these wonderful people. After conversing amongst each other, we began a new activity focusing on personal ideas and thoughts called reflections. It was a nonstop writing exercise to simply put thoughts about our trip on paper. Once we finished, it came time to gather our things and say our last goodbyes.

The hardest thing about our farewells were hugging and thanking the people we called mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and even teachers. As we got onto the bus, we watched everyone wave goodbye and it made us even more appreciative of the three days we spent with them. Our ride back was also very nice and fairly quick but a bit slow because of the city traffic.

Once we arrived we were thankful to be back to our other home. We all settled back into our rooms as well as take a quick swim for some of us. The rest of our day was a free day for the afternoon. Some of us enjoyed our time to go for lunch and for some shopping. Once we got back, we enjoyed of a little break time to enjoy talking to kids from a village not too far from here, and to play badminton. After maybe an hour of having fun, we got ready and dressed appropriately for a dinner with one of Gaylon’s and Zenia’s close friend.

We arrived at the restaurant named Moksa and had a large table reserved for our group. Made Janus Yasa is the name of Gaylon and Zenia’s friend who joined us. I was beyond great full to have had the opportunity to meet him. The dinner was amazing; we had a variety of plates starting with an appetizer course leading into a few main course plates, and to end it with with some “raw” desserts meaning completely fresh and not baked or handled. During the various conversations we shared with Made, we learned about the history of the significant Chinese coin, the journey of his life, and we heard some words I will never forget; those words were live life “ learning, earning, sharing, and having fun”. I end this blog with those few words.

Thank You Bali:)

One Comment on “Goodbyes Are Always Sad

  1. Asi son las despedidas pero recuerda siempre una sonrisa y agradecer es muy importante y la vida te lo regresará al doble. Ya falta menos para verlos su mama los ama.

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