Musik dan Menari

By: Kiera Mermejo-Varga

Today was the big day, we all have been waiting for. Our performance, including the Gamelan, Rindik, and the Warrior/Welcoming dance. It was also our first morning back in Ubud and we enjoyed our usual breakfast meals. I can’t forget about mentioning the delicious banana pancakes.

After breakfast, the group had a meeting, everyone shared their individual experience within the homestay. Also talking about what the most impressive thing was at the homestay. I said that the community was the most impressive thing I witnessed at the homestay. Seeing the whole community welcoming our group was great. They were all friendly and had such positive attitudes. Everyone said wonderful things about their experiences in the homestay and we won’t forget our time there.

Once the meeting concluded, we headed over to the community theater, and saw our music and dance teachers. We put our sarongs on and rehearsed for the performance. Everyone got used to their instruments again and we were ready to go. The students and chaperones went backstage to begin getting ready. We all had to go through make-up and putting on the Balinese regalia. Everyone looked great!

It was time to begin our performance, and we all were excited to show everyone in the crowds hat we learned. First, we began with Gamelan and played the instruments we were assigned to. Next, was the Rindik and we performed with our dance group. Our musical performance was out of way and know we are halfway there. We took a quick break backstage and got our flower petals. The Welcoming dance was first to go on stage, then the Warrior dance. We all danced hard, and I am proud of everyone that participated. After our performance, the theater prepared us an appetizing meal, and we enjoyed it.

Since we had a free afternoon, Zenia and Gaylon arranged a class with Gusti, to finish our paintings. Not everyone got to finish, but they made a lot of progress on them. In the evening, some of the group went out on the town and explored more of the city. It was already dinner time, and we went to Savannah Moon for some pizza, pasta, and their roasted peanuts. It was another great day in Bali and we are all enjoying our time left here.

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