Sunday Funday

By: Franki Maestas-Chavez

Sunday , our last full day here in Munduk pakel. Breakfast is at 7 in our homestay, after breakfast we had a lecture about the irrigation system and the different types of farmers , non organic farmers and organic farmers. After our lecture, we went to go work in the rice fields and finished one whole section , teamwork!!

When we finished we washed up and some went to the river to take a swim or wash up more then we had lunch. There was Nasi (steamed rice), Ayam (chicken), Pisang Goreng (fried banana) and other foods that were all so delicious!

We had some down time before we had our language class with Dian. We learned Bahasa Indonesia while the girls from the village learned English. We played a game of telephone and ended with talking and asking questions with the girls.

We then had some more downtime before dinner , for dinner I had steamed rice, noodles with spinach, chicken, pork rinds, and some roasted peanuts. I really enjoyed dinner! After dinner most of us hung out in the front of Wayan Ariati’s house with some of the girls and then we moved to the classroom to hang out some more. We all talked about songs and movies that we liked and suggested to each other other songs and movies to listen to and watch.

With it being our last full day, we are saddened because we know we have to leave tomorrow. It was a great adventurous day filled with lots of laughs and love!

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