Hello, Goodbye

By Savannah Palmer

Everyone woke up around 6:10 in order to get ready for the day ahead. Many of us decided to go on our last morning walks in Ubud. We watched the sunrise above the morning patties. The reflection of the sky in the water was sublime, but a little bittersweet. We ate our last Ubud style banana pancakes and packed everything we needed for departure.

Before leaving the hotel, we took many pictures with Wayan, his family, and the hotel workers. We have many group pictures to ensure the memory would live forever. Once we said our goodbyes, we walked to our bus stop with all our luggage, with the help of Wayan, Made, and Made. We packed up our van, and gave our last hugs. Wayan, Made, and Made waved at us as the bus drive away.

We stopped at the same market we got our sarongs at. Some of us were in search of some fabrics to take home, while others explored the street a bit. We met at the van 45 minutes after our shopping and explorations. We headed to Sidemen for our 2 night stay. When we got to the hotel, we had lunch with our new Sidemen friend Ayuu.

After lunch we had an hour of free time. Some of us played volleyball, rested, or put our feet in the swimming pool. We met at the pool at 3:00 to go on a walk to a weaving shop. There, we watched women weave sarongs and we watched men design/dye the sarongs. After watching for a bit, we came back to the hotel and chilled. Many people swam while other hung out by the pool. At 7:00, we had dinner, and it was awesome. Now, I’m ready to swim.

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