Grab Your Goggles!!!

By: Gabriel Alarcon

Today I woke up on a soft mattress, with a few blankets, right next to the ocean. I decided the previous night to sleep beside the sea. As I woke up, a few of us watched the gorgeous and vibrant sunrise Bali had to offer.

We each went our separate ways to get dressed and or shower and met up at the dinning area for breakfast. During breakfast we enjoyed of a simple but delicious meal the hotel had made. We talked about how delicious our toast was with some peanut butter and jelly Gaylon had bought at a supermarket; and discussed some safety precautions and boundaries of our swim in the ocean for the day.

The time came to suit up and get fitted for our snorkeling equipment. A few of us were beyond excited due to the fact that for some, it would be our first time swimming in the ocean. Once fitted, we all got ready to jump in the water to have fun. It was truly a blast!! We spent around an hour out there and were somewhat tired after we had gotten back.

We cleaned up, and all headed to the dinning room for some lunch. Delicious as usual, we talked about Bali and our experiences with one another as we shared stories and memories from our trip. Once finished, we had a relaxing period where some folks went back to the water for some swimming, played volleyball, and went to get groceries.

After some down time, Gaylon and Zenia took us on a short walk to a cliff side high enough to see a variation of islands, Mt. Agung, the gorgeous sunset, and the extensive blue sea. It was quite peaceful and soothing to be up there; to simply take a look at the beauty this world has to offer. We walked back and and relaxed before dinner. Once dinner was served, we took the time to thank one another for this trip. We talked about the various reasons of how Bali has impacted us and how great full we are for the people and teachers we have met along this journey.

I finish this blog beside the roaring, dark, and vast sea.

Thank You Bali🖤

Ayah & Ibu(Dad & Mom)❤️
Pictures Pictures!!📸

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