Hey Hey with the Monkeys!

By Savannah Palmer

June 26, 2019

Sorry for the late update, difficulties in communication

Today I started the day off with a morning walk. Afterward, we all enjoyed one of our last banana pancakes. We know that no pancakes in Bali will compare.

It is our last full day in Ubud. We started the day by going on a short trip to what Zenia and Gaylon call “Silver Town.” The town had silver smiths on every corner. We drove down a teeny tiny road, where we parked in a large open garden. We walked around the property before we went inside the silver shop. Zenia and Gaylon have been coming here for a long time, so we kept the tradition alive and bought some jewelry.

After losing some wallet weight, we headed to the restaurant Dian for lunch. Thai teas were ordered and I’m told they were very good. The food was also yummy and everyone’s orders varied. I had a chicken sandwich with an iced tea. The iced tea was delicious. It came with a little sugar syrup that I could use to make it taste the way I wanted. My iced tea was borderline diabetic.

We visited a coffee shop after our meals and we played with an animal that aids in the creation of coffee. I don’t remember the name of the animal, but he was so darn cute.

After our little visit with cutest animal ever, we walked over to Monkey Forest Ubud. There, we bought tickets and headed inside. Even in the entrance, monkeys were everywhere. Inside, there was so much more. There were monkeys walking around, monkeys hanging around, monkeys eating. It was just so crazy. We all split into separate groups to explore the forest.

On our adventure we saw monkeys doing several things: pulling women’s hair, trying to attack people, eating sunscreen, rubbing women’s breasts, and stealing people’s AirPods. The monkeys were so mischievous. One grabbed my shirt. Two were crawling all over Gabe. They really wanted his backpack.

Once the hour was over in monkey forest, I went to the post office to mail a couple postcards and to buy a newspaper. After, I went to the market, bought a couple things, then got and ice cream bar with Kiera. We walked back to the hotel and chilled until it was time for dinner.

We walked to the bus stop in order to go to Anom and Noniks. We ate a delicious meal there. There was fried rice, fries noodles, shrimp chips, and egg rolls. So yummy!! She also made some iced tea that would make anyone smile.

Anom gave us our finished shadow puppets, and used them to give us a performance. It was unbelievable to watch him perform, and I definitely would like to see again. Everyone was silent and totally engaged in his display. He also performed with the masks, and it was so unreal. I was captivated, as were the people around me.

Several people on the trip bought masks from him, because he is very talented. We talked to Anom and Nonik and everyone was throwing thanks you’s back and forth. Appreciation, gratitude, and love was surrounding every one of us. Meeting and working with these extraordinary people was magical and eye opening. We all gave our last pets to Monkey, Anom and Noniks chihuahua. We had all grown to love him, he was our daily dose of dog.

Anom and Nonik drove us home in the most depressing car ride over. I can say with absolute certainty that everyone was starting out the windows dramatically. Once home, we packed and got ready to depart. Ubud was amazing and I love all my teachers.

This blog is written in appreciation for Anom and Nonik. Thank you.

Everybody monking around!

Victoria and Gabe with Anom
Group with Anom and Nonik

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