Our Last Day

By: Kiera Mermejo-Varga

Some of the group started their day off at 5:45 am for a sunrise walk to the cliff side where we went the night before. I was still sleeping, but I heard that it was beautiful sunrise. It was 7 am and time for breakfast. We all enjoyed the tea, coffee, pancakes and of course toast with peanut butter and jelly. After our delicious breakfast, Gaylon and Zenia briefly went over the agenda for the next two days of traveling. Then, we all wrote our reflections about the whole trip. Writing the reflections brought many positive memories I had with this trip and I will hold onto them forever.

After writing our trip reflections, some of the group cooled off in the ocean and went swimming for awhile, the water felt great. It was already time for lunch, and we left the table feeling stuffed with good food made by the hotel staff. Once we finished lunch, some of the group went snorkeling again finding shells and looking at different types of fish. 

Since William was at another hotel, he invited us to swim in the hotel’s pool. It was a really nice hotel and we also enjoyed some virgin pina colodas beside the pool. 

After our eventful day, we went back to our hotel and began to pack our suitcases. Then, before dinner some of us went to the beach to look at the sunset. It was beautiful, like the other sunsets we have seen here in Bali. The group enjoyed another meal prepared by the hotel. After our last dinner, we talked about what we were all grateful for about this trip. 

The time has come where we have to depart from paradise. But, we are going to make the most of it in last few hours we have here. I am forever thankful for this group and what they have done for me. Bali has been fun, onto our next adventure.

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