Sidemen and the shore

June 28, 2019

By: Victoria Alarcon 

Waking up I checked my phone and was eager to see the score against USA and France. It was 5:30 and I ran to Gabe’s room to let him know that USA won. Both teams played great but the US was better.  The score was 2-1 in the FIFA Woman’s World Cup. Kiera, Zoë, Gabe, Sage and I were thrilled to hear the news. Soon after all the excitement some of us went on a morning walk and some stayed. It was great to see the morning view of Sidemen once again. 

After I returned from the walk I went back to the girls room and got my luggage ready to leave. Thankfully breakfast came  fast enough, I knew I was hungry because my stomach was speaking to me “feed me”. I had 2 boiled eggs with a side of toast, a tasty banana pancake, a mixed fruit, and tea. This definitely made my belly happy. 

Not long after Gaylon took some of us on a stroll (more like a hike) to a temple. The cool thing about it was that we where able to see it down by our hotel peaking through the green view. The hike for me felt like hours it was all uphill but every second was worth it. Sadly we had little time to walk all the way up so we decided to walk back. On our way down we feasted on 2 different cocoa beans. We enjoyed each other’s company and it was great spending time with wise Gaylon, and our new friend Ayu. 

Returning to our hotel we ate lunch and finished our last second packing. We were ready to leave as we said our goodbyes to the workers at the hotel and our dear friend Ayu. We were sure to get each other’s social media so we could stay in touch. Leaving Sidemen was a drag because I couldn’t get enough of the view. But I also was looking forward to the beach. 

Once we left Sidemen the ride to Candidasa was breath taking. I remember being tight in the middle seat between Savannah and Kiera and I had the best view. I was able to see the ocean from afar and I couldn’t wait to get in. Once we arrived to our new hotel we enjoyed our welcoming dinner and a fascinating sunset on the shore. 

Terima kasih Bali 

Green God
A stroll
Sunset at Candidasa

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